Jonathan Tallman MD

1500 41st Avenue, Suite 242

Capitola, CA 95010




"I am fortunate to be able to collaborate with Dr. Tallman and refer clients to him for medication evaluation and management. He is well-informed, sensitive to clients' needs, and willing to consider various treatment options." -Jayla Klein, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

"As a practicing psychologist in Santa Cruz I often work in conjunction with psychiatrists. Dr. Tallman has been exceptionally effective. He is accessible and genuinely interested with helping people." -Greg Bruno, Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

"Thank you for the extra time and consideration/compassion with which you have handled my specialized (at times) needs and problems.  It doesn't pass unnoticed."  -K.N., Capitola

"You are the best psychiatrist I have ever had, and believe me, I have had a lot of psychiatrists!"  -M.V., Aptos

"I am grateful to you for your professionalism, comprehension, and good instincts.  All of which I have benefitted from over the past three years, as have those in my care and company.  Under your counsel, I have improved immensely and in ways too numerous and complex to explain in a simple note.  The hope that has been restored to me offers an alternative to my long-standing myopic perception, and I now glimpse a promising future.  Such change has inspired further self-reformation and so the positive growth continues.  With all sincerity, I thank you for your guidance and patience with me.  I was blessed to have been a patient of yours and without hesitation recommend you to anyone seeking such help.  May your work continue to heal others and may your career be long and rewarding.  In heartfelt appreciation,"  -A.W., Soquel

"I am very grateful for the care you gave me in my darkest hours.  Thank you deeply,"  -K.E., Santa Cruz